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About Burkes

Burke's Canoe Trips invites you to spend a day (or more) canoeing down the famous Russian River. In this day of stress and high-pressure living, Burke's Canoe Trips offers an outlet of carefree fun in the great outdoors. Thousands have made Burke's a Russian River tradition. Individuals, couples, families and large groups are all easily accommodated in the very best in canoe trips! Burke's will be glad to assist you in planning your group canoe trips. Just give us a call!

The best months for canoeing are May through October. Burke's is open seven days a week. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon! Early reservations appreciated.

Bob Burke's Kids Program

Bob Burke, co-owner of Burkes Canoe Trips, runs an entirely non-profit organization providing kids with cancer and other life threatening illnesses and disabilities and their families with group activities (once a week group barbeque, bowling, fishing, etc.). Contact Bob at 707-887-2222 if you or someone you know is interested in participating.



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